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    Create and Craft TV launch Exclusive sewing machine range with Simplicity

    Simplicity sewing pattern devotees are in for a treat with the launch of a new line of Simplicity sewing machines, in an exclusive partnership with Create and Craft.

    Both models are stunning to look at with their simple yet contemporary red dot design motifs and silver control panels, set on the crisp white machine body. The models include the Simplicity Satin 197, a high end, fully computerised machine in a silver finish and the Simplicity Silk 403, a top of the range sewing and embroidery machine. Simplicity’s Satin 197 features a 30-character memory function, an LCD screen and impressive 197 stitch count, including 8 button holes and eyelet stitches as well as having an extension table available too.

    Sewing and embroidering with equal aplomb, the Simplicity Silk 403 is both fantastically specified but also incredibly well priced. The machine features a whole host of functions including 403 different stitches, 40 built-in embroidery designs, 97 embroidery alphabet options, as well as a large LCD screen. It has all the features of a top of the range sewing machine such as variable stitch length and width .....

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      Smile Cricut wifi adaptor on website

      Ive just been looking at the C&C website - top brands - cricut - accessories and see that on page 2 they have the cricut wifi adaptor - item number 196812 and as the picture is 'coming soon' I assume it is now available. I know someone on the forum was looking for it, but cannot find the message. Hope this helps.

      edit - just see Alan's long post - D'oh!

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      Producer John was talking about it last night and said it was on it's way.

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      It was me and I am so tempted but DH is watching what I spend now he has been made redundant so will have to wait till it's my birthday in september. I have been looking at the web site and sooooooo want the paddington bear serif digi kit. I can't understand why it's on the cricut programme though.

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