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    ooh haven't had any of that for years, only because a tumbler full isn't good for me!!

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    Hahahaha, I used to say I needed a teat on the end, a bit like a baby's bottle! ;) I did rather go off it at one time though. Went to Ireland and stayed a couple of nights with a friend. Well I had no sooner got through the kitchen door than she was feeding me Baileys. We went to a dance thingie one evening, first drink was Baileys. My second drink was an orange Britvic, followed by another Baileys, followed by an orange Britvic. Every time Madie bought me a drink it was Baileys, every time I bought me a drink it was an orange Britvic. After a while I became somewhat saturated by both, and would have killed for a cup of tea or coffee.

    After parting from Madie the following day I was making my way back to Lanesborough. Walking down the street of Longford town from the railway station to the taxi, no buses in that part of the universe, a chap reeled out of one pub, then straight into another. I was so disgusted that I was all for signing the pledge then and there. Wouldn't have been any skin of my nose if I had as I seldom drink anyway. Have to watch it these days anyway as some of the pain killers I take and alcohol don't mix. At least I assume that is why it says not to consume the stuff on the packs. Don't drink tea or coffee much either. I'm a real bore aren't I? :)

    Always look on the bright side, if you can't find it then polish up the dull side.


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