Hello Fellow Crafters

This is a call-out for new members of my Birthday Card Lite Swap. It works a little differently to the other Birthday Card Swaps in so much as we only have 1 Birthday a month (with 1 little hiccup), therefore it suits peeps who would like to join a swap but have been hesitant due to time commitments. We've been going several years now and I hope that other "Lite Swap" members would agree that it has been a great way to be in a swap but not to be swamped by being in it.

We currently have 1 free slot for each of the following months:


So, by joining the swap you would be committing to:
* sending 1 Birthday Card a month and the 2016/17 Lite Swap year will run from June 2016 to May 2017 (see below for little hiccup)
* posting pictures on the forum of your cards received on your birthday within 10 days of your birthday

Some Housekeeping Details
* Although this is a once a month swap, for historical reasons we have 2 birthdays in September, however August will not have a birthday swap to compensate for this, so you will still only be committing to making 1 Birthday Card a month
* One of our long-standing swap members in now based in Hong Kong. Currently a UK 2nd class stamp costs 55p or large letter 75p. To send a letter sized card to Hong Kong would cost 1.37 if sent International Economy 56 days in advance or 2.25 International Standard 5-7 days in advance

Please do think about joining us, it is so lovely to receive a pile of beautiful cards on your Birthday and it is also a joy to be able to send your own cards to peeps who do truly appreciate the work and creativity you've put into your own creations.

Although preference will be given to forumites who are not in an existing swap, if you are already in a swap but would like to join this one too, please do answer this call-out but could you let me know that you in a swap? Contact me by replying to this thread or by Private Messeage if that is your preference.

If you have any questions, just let me know. Thank you.