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Thread: No News?

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    I did one order a while ago, still got the pink bag it came in too. It was the Elizabeth Crafts C******** jumper die set.

    I for one would not supply or buy from anybody connected with the company again, not knowingly anyway.

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    Someone on Shopping Telly forum has posted this:

    'This from one of the suppliers:
    I was a Supplier Dealing with the Craft channel After 11th December 2016. We had not been aware that the company was taken over. And all paperwork signed was with the Craft Channel Ltd. We have supplied over 600 Orders and have revcieved no money. The admistrators from the craft channel will not talk to us or the new compnay Agency Communications Ltd. Sounds like one big scam. The new company Agency Communications Ltd did not take over they had a charge on the Craft Channel Ltd set to purchase asstets off the craft channel ltd. The payments have never been made so Legaly thay do not own the channel or its assets. Where does that leave suppliers?'

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    I agree it's a scam
    Looking at the agency communications
    The money in the accounts had been 100 since they set up
    Directors leaving
    Probably just used them to set up the buissness
    If they had paid for the craft channel assets
    Then I wonder what with
    As far as I am aware they only took the name
    Non of the directors of the craft channel have said anything
    And the only director left seems to have gone into hinding
    Think rules for company's should be changed all the changing from a non ltd to limited
    So they are not liable for debts is discusting
    Someone somewhere must be stashing the loot
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