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    Default Daisy Trail closing!


    Not surprised- they never did launch the new web site.

    " After an incredible 9 years it’s with huge sadness that we have to tell you that DaisyTrail is closing its doors.

    Our crafting journey began in 2008 and over the years we’ve been on a fantastic adventure – from the launch of Digital Scrapbook Artist and the DaisyTrail shop in the early days to the development of the CraftArtist software range in more recent years.

    Over the years we’ve released over 1,500 digikits and introduced over 40 designers and brands to our DaisyTrail Family. We’ve built up an amazing community of crafters and have always enjoyed viewing all the great projects you’ve created and loved hearing about the ways you’ve used our software, sometimes in ways we’d never even considered ourselves.

    So what happens now? All users will have 30 days to download all their digikits. After this time accounts will no longer be accessible.

    From 31st July 2017 we will no longer be selling the software or digikits. Our shop will close however you’ll still be able to download all your digikits before site closure.

    The DaisyTrail website, including its gallery and forums, will close on 11th August 2017 at 12:00 BST.

    From today we’ll be discounting all our in-house digikits to £1 with many of our third party designers providing huge discounts too. In addition to our existing content we also have brand new content that we’d planned to release in the coming months available to purchase at a discounted price too which we hope you’ll enjoy as much as our designers did making them for you.

    We would request that you download and back-up any content you have purchased over the next 30 days to avoid any disappointment in the future.

    Our DaisyTrail team will be on hand in the forums answering any questions you may have and will be available to provide support right up until site closure so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact them.

    We’d like to take this opportunity to thank all our talented in-house and third party designers which have supplied us with so much fantastic content over the years keeping the fun and passion of CraftArtist alive with our hundreds of thousands of users. It really has been a phenomenal journey.

    The only thing left for us to say is thank you to all our loyal customers and members. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for sharing your scrapbooks with us, for letting us get to know your loved ones and see your treasured memories. And thank you for getting involved in our community, and becoming part of the DaisyTrail family. Thank you for 9 fantastic years.

    All the best,
    The DaisyTrail Team "
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    Just finished re-downloading all my digikits and software to keep on a usb stick just in case I ever buy a new PC. I have a lot of kits, haven't used them much lately because I got into Silhouette machines, die-cutting, stamping etc, but have recently used the digikits with the print and cut facility on my Silhouette. Typical of me to go back to them just as they close down!
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    My goodness, this had slipped my mind, all my stuff is on my lappy which I haven't touched since last November. Better get my skates on next day or two and save it on a what-it, not sure if I had the actual CA2 disc or if it was one of the downloadables. Never had much success with it for what I wanted to do but I'd like to try again. Thanks for the reminder Kestrella
    Two and two make four...........but now and then they add up to three and occasionally, just occasionally its five !

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