Have they just opened a time capsule
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      Default Have they just opened a time capsule


      My hubby loves to watch qvc weekends
      Especially gardening with RJ
      Why I don't know as all his stuff is over priced
      And the same as other brands I buy a lot cheaper
      For example Soil and bird seed
      Well before his show they had the spinning mop
      Geez I bought one of them from qvc donkies years ago
      It does not seem any different was rubbish then so no doubt rubbish now

      I have not purchased from them for a while well not since my Rhoderdendron
      But as I was fed up with fruit and veg not lasting
      Went for those food storage bags
      Believing the hype
      Well I wish I had not bothered
      The bags fill with condensation from the moisture in fruit and veg
      So although things stay fresher for 1-2 days
      Not the length of time they state they go to mush around day three
      The other problem is my fridge smell like fish
      I cleaned it all out thinking something might have spilt

      And got trapped
      But the smell was still there
      It was coming from the blue bags they say are for cheese
      I am now using the bags to store dry stuff in and threw out the blue ones
      Gone back to my faithful Ikea bags
      I would have returned them but I had them over a month before trying them
      Has anyone else got them if so have you had problems with them?
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      I fell into the trap of buying those bags as well. I bought them mainly for bananas, but found they don't keep anywhere near as well as the bags they come in from Tesco, especially the 'Keep Me' range. Everything else seems to keep ok in the fridge anyway, or at least as long as it is s'posed to. Normally when I buy watercress from Morrison's on a Saturday the best before date is usually the following Tuesday, and it does tend to last that long.

      Mind you we don't have a freezer, but a larder, which is a fridge without an icebox. I reckon the temperature is more consistent that it was when we had a fridge with an icebox. The least said about the fridge freezer we had the better. Most of the time the fridge itself was iced up, as well as the freezer. Much better off with the larder and a small chest freezer.

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