Not exactly sure where to put this. There is a thread for bad company experiences, but I can't find one for the good guys (or gals).

I recently complained to King Cole about far too many knots in a ball of yarn which resulted in rather more of the dark grey than there should have been, it being a variegated yarn. They contacted me and said I should take it up with the seller. I explained that I had bought the yarn at a fair, so couldn't return it to them. Bless their lickle hearts, they offered to send me a replacement ball, but I could have any colour in the range. Which I must say I was quite pleased about. I choose another colour, which they sent, along with a ball of the original colour, and a ball of a different yarn for me to try as well. Now wasn't that a kind thought?

Sirdar/Hayfield have also replaced yarn when there has been a problem in the past. Normally I don't complain if there are only one or two knots, as in some Drops sock yarn I bought. When it is five or six knots, and means the yarn doesn't match up properly, then I do tend to drop the company a line. King Cole also said they would have a word with their spinners in Turkey, or wherever it is manufactured.

Seldom had this problem when the yarn was manufactured here in the UK. I only remember it happening twice. Once was a ball of Hayfield way back in the dark ages of the last century. It not only had knots, but also dye problems. I sent the bits to Hayfield who told me I should have taken it back to the shop. Yeah right, Mr Bailey who owned the shop would have given me a right royal telling off if I had done that. The second time was also a dye fault in a ball of Sirdar. I kept quiet about that as I was scared to death of Mrs Ardron. Normally I bought all my wool in the market by the skein. Granted I had to wind it myself, using the clothes airer, but I never once found a knot, or anything else. It was cheaper than buying from a shop as well.