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Thread: Easy crochet baby blanket pattern

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    I was taught to knit the Continental way, so I suppose it's neither left nor right handed.
    LJ, there are so many videos around, maybe it's worth having a look. Sometimes it's the way it's explained rather than the task itself which makes the difference between 'getting it' or not

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    Must admit I prefer hand sewing. I do like the good firm seam that comes from using a sewing machine, but if I can hand sew it, then I will. I decided long ago that I must be crackers as I much prefer the look of hand stitch buttonholes, they seem to look much neater than machine made ones, especially these days. My old New Home did much better buttonholes than my present Singer, even though they are now totally automatic.

    I've had a go at continental knitting, but decided that I could knit just as fast using the conventional method. I found doing the purl stitch the continental way put far more strain on my wrist and fingers than was acceptable. The knit stitch was, well ok, I suppose. I did consider trying it with my socks, apart from the rib, and part of the heel, they are worked in the round, so only the knit stitch is used.

    Always look on the bright side, if you can't find it then polish up the dull side.


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