The UK side has performed well but the abroad side is totally pants.

Having ordered the Craft Consortium 12” x 12” Essential Paper Pads Collection I was miffed to receive one 8”x8” Paper Boutique Pad. I sent a screen shot of my invoice and the Paper Boutique Pad and asked for my correct order to be sent out as it was still in stock, and the paperwork to return the incorrect item as I wasn't prepared to pay p&p. 24 hours plus later I had had no response except the email ping to say they have your email and will deal with it as soon as possible. I wrote another email asking how long they thought a’ soon as possible response’ was? They responded with a ‘when we have got your returned item which you can return at Asda we will send your correct item.` As they had got my money for the item I had ordered which must be far more than an 8”x8” paperpad I responded by mentioning it was their mistake, they had my money and I wasn’t going to Asda so they had better send me another means of free returns. I had the email address of David Peck thanks to the forum and was preparing to go into battle with the UK CS when I received an email from the UK side of things apologising, telling me the correct items were being sent out and as a goodwill gesture to keep the Paper Boutique Paperpad.

Thank you the Create and Craft Contact Centre!