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    Don’t miss the biggest deals at Create and Craft TV!

    Create and Craft are excited to reveal their brand-new calendar of crafty shows starting from 8am on Monday 31st July. After listening to customer feedback, they have revamped their schedule and will be tailoring their deals to suit your crafty passions. With so much to watch and so many brilliant deals to bag, you won’t want to miss a show!

    Pick of the Week – Monday at 8am
    Tune in every Monday for great deals on new and exclusive products for that week only!

    4 Day Deal – Tuesday at 4pm
    For just four days you’ll be able to get your hands on your favourite brands. Flick over every Tuesday at 4pm for this four-day extravaganza.

    One Day Wonder – Wednesday and Saturday at 8am
    Don’t miss your chance to the get the product of the day every Wednesday and Saturday at 8am. Only available at that day for the best possible price!

    Blockbuster – Thursday 7pm
    Tune in every Thursday to get the best ever price on a brilliant and exclusive craft product. Only available while stock lasts!

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