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Be Your Creative Best With Cricut

Emma Jewell had a fun-filled day on Hochanda TV recently where she was on hand to demonstrate the endless crafty possibilities of using the Cricut® Maker™ Ultimate Cutting Machine. If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for your next sewing project then this is the show to do just that.

You can watch it again on the Rewind section of Hochanda’s website by clicking here and it’s a fantastic opportunity to discover the latest techniques in the craft world, how to make a diverse range of projects together with the endless possibilities that the Cricut® Maker provides.

If you’ve ever had a design or image in mind that you can’t really cut with a pair of scissors, a design that you’d like on a T-shirt, a jacket or your favourite pair of trousers or even a design that you’d like to be able to draw for a sewing project then Emma’s demonstration will show you how.

For more craft inspiration, click here to visit Hochanda’s Facebook page and YouTube channel.


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