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John Scott turns his back on Shopping Telly

John Scott is turning his back on the world of TV Shopping and is set to compete with the likes of Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+.

The John Scott Show will be pay to view when it launches on September 24th at 11am. The show will be Live for 2 Hours every Thursday Morning.

Each week the show will feature a Sewing Masterclass with expert designers, Hobbies, Cooking, Fashion, Books and Live demos, Interesting guest interviews.

Included in the John Scott Show subscription you have the opportunity to become an active member of the shows private forum, Interact with John during the Live shows, weekly competitions and giveaways, John makes a point of saying 'NO SELLING AND NO PRODUCTS  - JUST JOHN !'

This will be a reincarnation of The John Scott Show, the original series aired in 2013 and was free to air, you view see some of the highlights from the origianl series below.

Subscription to The John Scott Show is £10.00 a month or £49.99 for 6 Months.

Is there an appetite for a single show a week subscription, if you compare to other services it would not appear great value for money:

  • Netflix - £8.99 a Month / £107.88 a year

  • Amazon Prime Video - £7.99 a Month / £79.00 a year

  • Apple TV+ - £4.99 a month / £59.88

  • The John Scott Show - £10.00 a month / £99.98 a year

Only time will tell.


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