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The Crafts Channel Celebrates YouTube Success After Reaching 100K Subscribers

Online craft experts The Crafts Channel have recently received a Silver Creator Award from video giant YouTube to commemorate the platform’s achievement of securing 100,000 subscribers. After posting their very first video tutorial 12 years ago, the channel, owned by Aceville Publications, has covered a wide array of topics, techniques and mediums, including die-cutting, crochet, jewellery making and much more.

The Crafts Channel content creator Corinne Bradd said: “12 years ago I’d have never imagined how many people would be interested in my demos. The fact that our videos have been watched 22 million times is still pretty unimaginable but I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved. It’s been great to realise how many people from all over the world we’ve reached from a simple desire to create things. Next stop, one million!”

Aceville Publication’s head of digital David Coe said: “We’re so proud to receive this Silver Creator Award from YouTube. It’s a testament to the hours of hard work we have spent planning out videos, filming and promoting the fantastic content we produce at Aceville and CliQQ studios. Corinne and the rest of the craft team have provided millions of crafters with inspiring ideas, and we are excited about our ongoing and future commercial partnerships.”


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