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Unmissable Flower Stamping Technique

Are you a crafter? Do you enjoy using stamps? Whether you’re new to the world of crafts or already a keen stamper, you’ll find some fantastic inspiration from one of Hochanda’s top guests, Lou Withers.

It’s easy to get caught up in techniques that you know and forget the many uses that every craft item has. But with this fabulous stamping tutorial, Lou Withers will show you how to make the most of your stamps, creating a whole piece of artwork with just one stamp!

Essentially, you can experiment with how hard you press and how much ink you use when stamping. Once you get a good feel for it, you can learn to create a background with your stamp, maybe even turning it into a pattern. You will be able to make a background through the lighter second and third generation stamps. As for the foreground, use a darker, first generation stamp.

So, choose a stamp that you like, ideally something simple, not a complex design. Then, get some ink and card or paper. The ink’s colour is up to you, but Lou chose to keep it simple and only use one colour for her project.

Now, see just how versatile your stamps can be by watching the amazing tutorial below!

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